Buying FAQ

How do I buy a deal or make an offer?
Just click the buy now button, pay via paypal.

Where can I find more information about a deal?
Read the listing page, then click on the original deal URL for more info. You can also click "Contact Seller" to ask the Seller.

What if a seller is dishonest to me?
You may file a complaint about a Seller by emailing support@secondhandvoucher.com We will investigate and potentially block that Seller. We'll also be prepared to provide help to law enforcement if needed.

General FAQ

Is it free to use Second Hand Voucher?
Yes its free, however you need to pay small fee if you post more than a certain amount.

Which coupon sites do you support?
We allow resales of coupons bought on any site, but we streamline the process for deals from Groupon, Fresh Guide, Living Social, Social Buy, and Tippr.

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